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You MUST turn on your laptops, and inspect for damage or malfunction as soon as you receive your laptops. Damage/malfunction must be reported to Microtek at 303.650.0543, within 7 days of receipt (per Agreement form) to qualify for a replacement.

Microtek will always attempt to troubleshoot the problem first. If reported within 7 days, and Microtek determines the laptop was damaged in shipment, or has a manufacturer’s defect, they will replace the laptop. You will be required to mail the defective laptop back first.

If after 7 days, or Microtek determines the laptop has a software issue, or was damaged post-receipt, Microtek will attempt to troubleshoot the laptop over the phone. If they cannot resolve, they may ask you to mail back the laptop so they can repair it. In some cases, they may refer you to HP to repair under warranty.

If the laptop requires a lengthy repair time, Microtek may provide you with a “loaner laptop”.

  • Note: If the laptop becomes infected with a virus, a replacement laptop will not be provided. All students should download an anti-virus before surfing the internet! Windows 10 comes with Windows Defender already installed. For infected laptops, Microtek shall assist you with restoring the laptop to the factory defaults.

Excerpt from the Bachelor's Laptop Agreement form...
DAMAGE OR LOSS OF EQUIPMENT: If your laptop becomes damaged, lost, stolen, infected with a virus, or otherwise incapacitated, it will not be replaced by the University. Defects and damage to the laptop present upon receipt of delivery must be reported within a week (7 calendar days) of receipt or the laptop will not be replaced. No exceptions. Strayer is not responsible for repairing laptops that experience hardware and/or software issues after receipt. We provide access to technical support through a third ?party vendor and the student is responsible for seeking resolution and any additional costs associated with repair. All laptops are covered by a one ?year manufacturer’s warranty. If you wish to purchase additional warranty coverage for your laptop you will be able to do. Information on how to do this will be included with your laptop.

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